Rule Number 1

Kimberly Anderson: Why is Rule #1 important?
I had to be reminded of what Rule #1 is. I like to think this because I’ve so thoroughly adopted the idea in photography and life. đŸ˜€

Rule #1 is: Don’t Freak Out.

Or as Douglas Adams put it in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “Don’t Panic”. Freaking out rarely produces positive results. For instance, a few years ago someone was holding my bag and a wide-angle lens dropped out bouncing down a small cliff. Freaking out would not have helped and the lens still works.

I like to say that the mark of a professional is innovation under pressure; adapt, make do with what you have. If the lighting set is broken, use a reflector, natural light or a flash, if you forgot the flash, use a low light prime lens, don’t have that lens? turn up the ISO. You get the idea.

If you forget your tripod use a table or some flat stable surface. Corrupted memory card? Don’t freak out, try using a new card and some recovery software. All these situations have happened to me personally and it all worked out. If I “freak out”, I’m not working to solve the problem.

Some of the most interesting  and satisfying results have come from mistakes or trying a shoot with what I had on hand. If nothing else, enjoy the view!

Thank you to Kimberly Anderson!


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