About Me

This site was first an experiment with a couple galleries then at the urging of my wife it grew into a project and now it is finished. Finished is a relative term, I once heard that a work of art is never finished, it is simply abandoned. I try to add content frequently as this site displays a sample of my work and what I’ve been up to. I love capturing a unique moment in time. You can go back, relive and explore that slice of existence.

I started taking pictures with artistic intent my senior year in high school. I did not intend to pursue professional photography at the time, I simply loved taking photos. I have been working ever since to refine and expand my photographic techniques and digital darkroom skills. My first camera was a Nikon N60. I then upgraded to a Nikon N80 a few years later. I prefer to use film but it is expensive to process and time consuming if the ultimate aim is to digitize the photo. One advantage of being trained to use a film camera as opposed to digital camera, is I find myself focusing on nathan t. grosseach frame, making each frame count.

Nathan T. Gross

Photo: Judy Day