Cellphone Photography

Camera phones are constantly getting better but even if you have an old camera here are some tips to help get the best results.

  1. Ignore “digital zoom” toddlers hanging out in a tentDigital zoom doesn’t zoom in like a traditional lens, all it does is crop the photo before you take it. Your photos will turn out pixelated and noisy. Instead, try cropping the photo after taking it or even better, get closer to your subject, like in the photo above.
  2. Be aware of lightingToddlers playing doctorAll cameras have a limited range of contrast they can capture, but camera phones typically have a narrower range. In other words, if you shoot a photo in full sunlight, shadows may not have details and the reverse is true. In the photo above, notice how the porch is exposed correctly but the sky in the upper left hand corner contains no details.
  3. Keep everythingToddler catching fish on Utah LakeCamera triggers are not instantaneous and you don’t have time to review every photo in detail on the tiny screen of your phone, also storage is cheap. I have at least 10 more photos catching the fish, but to be honest I’m not entirely certain I would have gotten or kept this shot if I was reviewing, editing and deleting photos on my phone.
  4. Clean your lens Girl climbing treeKeeping your lens clean, keeps your photos sharp. Notice the ‘glowing’ highlights on the left. This effect is desired in some situations but probably not with photos taken with your camera phone. Like in the second photograph in the list,  notice how overexposed the ground is because the camera was making sure the majority of the photo is exposed correctly.
  5. ExperimentToddler playing in leavesObserving the Rule of Thirds will help your photos look good but it is also important to experiment and it is really easy to do with phones because you have them all the time. You can also use your camera phone to capture an idea for further exploration. girl taking photo of Utah mountainsJust keep shooting.
    Leave a comment if you have any additional tips.