BFA Project

Much has happened since my last post: I have been published in couple of books, received an award in an art show and I discovered I will complete my degree by the end of the summer. As part of my last semester I have been accepted into a study abroad program that will be touring the United Kingdom, pursuing the Legend of King Arthur. This is the same program that produced a book, “Uncommon Ground” featuring the National Parks in Utah. I have started a GoFundMe campaign to help fund my last semester.

Before graduating from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts I needed to create a body of work for display in a gallery space. I’ve come up with a few ideas, most unformed and in need of serious thought. For instance, I had an idea that I simply wrote down as “shadows”. Not much to go on but I do like how shadows reduce anything to it most basic shape. Finally I have decided on a project, it is titled, “Nothing to See Here”.

The idea behind “Nothing to See Here” is to bring attention to the fact people do not typically remember complete journeys. It all just blends together after a trip has been completed. There may be a few memorable instances that stand out but overall, people seem to recall an “average” of the experience. People even on the same trip will certain parts more than others and though the trip may be the same, the compilation memories at the end is different.

Here’s a sample of the work in progress:

Average of 100 frames