Ask a Photographer – Part 3

I asked some of my Facebook friends if they had any questions for a photographer, here’s the original Facebook thread.

  1. Frankie Badger: What are your top 3 android camera apps?
    The basic camera app that comes with most if not all Android phones. you can also install the Google Camera app, there are a ton of features like creating panoramas. There is the Adobe Photoshop Express app for Android that I’ve used on occasion. I have not used my phone for time lapse photos yet but there are lot of great apps out there like, Lapse It.Mount Timpanogos, Utah - East SideStitched panorama from my HTC One M8
  2. Carrie Jones: What is your favorite Digital Camera?
    I’ve really enjoyed my D7000 and D80 before that. I’ll probably be upgrading to D4S or some comparable model in the next couple years. If you are looking for practical and down to earth camera reviews, check out Ken Rockwell’s site. If money was no object, I’d get a medium format digital camera like the Mamiya Phase One iXR. I’d love you get my hands on the innovative Lytro Light Field Camera,
    “The Lytro Light Field Sensor incorporates a special compound lens known as a micro-lens array (MLA), which is made up of thousands of tiny lenses. This special sensor is what allows the Lytro camera to take in all of the light in the scene, capturing information on the direction, color, and luminosity of millions of individual rays of light.”
  3. Emily Young Knudsen: My question, a link for the blog! Um, and how do you get them to smile naturally?
    Here’s the blog! When shooting portraits I typically don’t expect the first dozen photos to turn out. It takes people time to warm up, depending on the audience I’ll tell a joke or talk about something that they’re interested in. For children, toys or puppets usually work. If they’ve been posing and smiling a lot, I’ll let the people relax and maybe do some jumping or some silly anti-wiggle routine (yes, like in pre-school). In short, be patient with your subject for a good shot but be ready to capture it. little girl portrait with red background
  4. Paul Bagley: Why is UHS-1/Class 10 so slow? I know, right!?
    Or better yet, why isn’t there a NAND flash A9 Cortex triple core controller on a single cellphone with USB 3.0 functionality to allow sustained 550MB/s transfer rates?! It can’t be the power draw… 1TB of NAND flash and the controller combined only draws 0.1 watts
    It certainly is a puzzle as to why. Regrettably, I don’t have an answer and you’re far more qualified to tell me why. Let me know what you find out.

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